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What We Do:

We work with plumbers who, are skilled and honest.  They've come to realise they're experts at the plumbing side of things, but the way the business side is currently set up is letting them down a bit.   They realise it needs to get sorted..... it's holding them back in some way.

Sometimes the side effects may be hurting you financially, or sometimes its more about how having an out of control plumbing business can have an impact on your family, personal life, and quite often, the sanity of everyone living in the same house as you.

What can you do about it?

Often.... When you start looking for answers to your questions on the internet, you may be looking for free stuff that you think may be able to help you out. And that's totally cool. 

Let's be realistic, that's what people do. Even some of your potential plumbing customers are also doing the same thing right?

But as you also know,  just because your potential customer watched a free "How to DIY your own plumbing job" on You Tube, doesn't mean they have the right skill, tools and experience to do the job properly. 

And in most cases, they buy the wrong gear, and get the wrong advice.   Throw in a lack of experience and it all adds up to a screwed-up job, which in almost all cases, costs a lot more time and money to fix than it should have.  And you think to yourself ............if they'd only called me in to do the job properly, they would have saved themselves a small fortune!!

And just like you, I regularly catch myself thinking the same thing about the potential customers in my business!! 

But thats OK, you can't help everyone.

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Steve is the Founder of Plumbing Profits, and the creator of the Segue Selling System which is a unique "On The Job" quoting and selling method that creates profit and keeps good customers using your services over and over again.

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