There must be an easier way?

Staff, Chasing Money, Phone Calls, Jobs.  There's not enough hours in the day!

And what about all the other questions going through your head?

"I hate that I still have to do all the quotes - how can I get the boys to do them?"

"Why do my competitors look like they're doing better than us?"

"Would my relationship with my wife be better if I had a bookkeeper?"

How do I get more jobs?

"How do I get staff to fill in jobcards with better descriptions than 'Fixed Stuffed Hotty'?"


"How do I keep enough cash in the bank?"

What are the best invoicing APPS or programs I could be using?

"Why does it feel like we're going round and round but never really getting anywhere?"

Holy Crap - someone's written a bad review on us. What do I do?


"I don't want to get off the tools completely, but I'd like to know how to for some of the time?"

"Why does it feel like sometimes my guys are making more money than me?"

"What the hell does Social Media and Google have to do with my business?


If this sounds like you, then you're in the right place.


The first step to getting anywhere is deciding you're not willing to stay where you are!


Small changes eventually add up to huge results.


We know what you're thinking, it's hard to make a change when you're juggling so many plates.  But..... if it sometimes feels like your plumbing business is running you and you can't see the forest for the trees.... we want to let you know there IS light at the end of the tunnel. 


And we know who you are. You're a battle hardened plumber who's fighting for his family's freedom.  You have determination, commitment and grit and you're setting the best example you can.  You probably just need a little help in connecting all the dots and finding the right people to show you how and then to actually implement it.


That's where we can help

We get you out of the Forest and take the guesswork out of all your questions....


And help you run your plumbing business like a well oiled machine.



We help you work out who your ideal customer is, and what your charge out rates should be based on your business costs. What about specialised Plumbing Price Books - yep we can help you there too!



We show you how to implement failproof blueprints for taking phone calls, making extra money on jobs by adding value, winning your customers over and keeping them coming back.


We give you tried and tested marketing pieces, templates and examples to help grow your business and the 7 different methods to getting them 'out' there. And you'll get an automated 12 month email campaign ready to use from Day 1. Plus we tackle the dreaded Social Media.


Need a form for something? Templates galore, we've got you covered. In-house systems, calendar programs, scheduling, quoting and invoice programs - we dive into them all to give you the competitive edge.


We help you set up a system to manage staff. Complete with all the forms you'll ever need - Warning letters, Equipment Registers, Leave forms, Company Policies, Vehicle spot checks and many more. What about incentive programs - yep we have those too.


Cash in the bank. We all need it - we show you how to get it there. Credit cards, customer payments, invoicing and your running expenses - we tackle them all to make sure cashflow isn't keeping you awake at night!

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Yep - you might have heard all this stuff before, but unless you're putting all this into place...  like you know you should be.....  then all that FREE knowledge out there on the web.... is useless to you!  But if you've had enough and you're sick of not knowing how to actually put it together then you're in the right place.


Our packs and systems were created by plumbing, administration and management experts to help you master your cashflow, jobs, increase profits, and all while keeping happy customers that use your services time and time again.  Everything you need to transplant a proven system into your current business that will literally change your life.  All done while not disrupting your current business.  These systems can take years and 10's of thousands of dollars to try and learn, build and implement yourself.  At Plumbing Profits, it's already been done for you at a fraction of the true cost.


Plumbing Profits is the place where Plumbing Business owners gain access to simple, yet effective strategies to make more money with less worries, in a matter of weeks - not months! 


Created by Plumbing Industry Experts you'll tackle those Cashflow problems, master the art of Sales and good 'old fashioned' Customer Service methods, AND get access to Resources it would take you years to gather.