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But I'm really busy - I must be making money?

It's 2am in the morning, you're in bed….. awake, and you're thinking……..

"Hope that bloody builder pays me today or I won’t be able to pay my Reece account, that's already overdue!….. "

You've been chasing the payment for weeks. You'd love to tell the builder what you think of him - like he can stick his job where the sun don’t shine….but……you’ve already started the next job for him and you're still owed thousands of $$$$ from the last job you did for him!!!  

You feel stuck, and you’ve got this sick feeling in your gut that doesn't go away.  Your life seems to revolve around the constant thoughts that fill your mind:  

  • When will the money from that job clear in my account? 
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Cashflow - You're not a bank so why act like one!!!

Why do so many tradesmen (not just plumbers), leave, or worse - 'SEND OUT', a bill to their customers?  

Why are you not asking to be paid at the end of the job - on the spot before you leave?  This phenomenon has long had me baffled and I'm sure it stems from the 'goold old days' - when Joe from down the road did a job for Doris (before there was such a thing as an ATM or credit cards.....), and Doris had to wait for her husband to come home with the chequebook as he was the only signatory on the account!!! Or something equally as ridiculous that went on in the Dinosaur ages.

The point is.....

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