Are you unknowingly giving your customers 'the bird'?

Ok, sounds dramatic, but what impression do you leave your customers or prospective customers with?

And I'm not talking about the usual 'on the job' must-do's (like clean boots, tidy mats, looking your customer in the eye when talking to them, not smelling like an ashtray etc).....

NO, I'm talking about the little things that you may NOT be doing in the back end. Like, not having an automated 'immediate' response to their emails or facebook messages....

AND BEFORE YOU ROLL YOUR EYES AND SWITCH OFF (hey I live with a Tradie - I know that this stuff is boring as hell to you guys....)..... BUT....

This stuff, the boring eye rolling stuff, is possibly letting your business down.  It could be turning prospective customers away and really pissing off your existing ones.

I'm going to give you an example..... let's take some of my customers, which would be some of YOU.  

If you send me an email or a facebook message we have a system in place (I spent 15 minutes on doing this once and then never touched it again), where you will receive a response from Plumbing Profits immediately.

Was I typing this to you at 5.15am in the morning? - NO (sorry, as hard as I try I'm just not a morning person)

Was I replying to your first time enquiry at 11.35pm? (I'm not sure why you were up then?... and I might have responded because I'm a night owl) - BUT NO, it wasn't me...... it was my magical system responding to you pretending to be me.  How cool is that?  

I set up a system that just keeps working and working and working (no sick days, no overtime), and I've given you, my customer, what you wanted - AN IMMEDIATE RESPONSE!!!

Now on the other hand, sometimes when I do write to you personally and I make a really big effort responding to your question...... what do I get back in return? ZIPPO - NADA - NOTHING!!?!?!?

So.... I have a couple of things going through my mind...

Do you hate me suddenly? (remember this crazy instant response 'you like my page' and 'I like your page' world we're now living in?)....

Have I said the wrong thing and you're having a mull over it before you respond?  

Did you even get my email? (The stats on email's going to junk mail and into the big black hole of the internet are crazy)....

Wait.... did I even send it, is it stuck in my outbox?

WOW - all this over an email, and all I was doing was responding to your question.  I don't know what I'm supposed to feel - am I annoyed, am I worried?

Do you see where I'm going with this?

How many of your customers or prospective customers are contacting you and being left hanging for a response?  How many of them are getting annoyed because you didn't answer them IMMEDIATELY?

If you think we're living in that polite world of the past where people were happy to wait, then think again my friends.... and know this.... you may LOSE your customers!!!!

And I'm not just referring to 'written responses'. How many of you have your phones a) answered by someone else b) diverted to someone else if and when you can't answer it, or c) go to voicemail more often than not....

This is what I mean by that boring stuff - the little things that can have a HUGE impact on what your customers think about you.

Let's run through on how you set these up:

1. Set up an auto-response in your email program. If your using gmail, go to settings and use your Vacation Responder. (See the pic).  This way anyone that sends you an email will at least know you received it and it didn't go astray, and that you'll get back to them when you can.


2. Facebook Messenger Auto Response.  There's a couple of these that you can set up for your Business page in the Settings > Messaging area. (See the pics)


If you don't have these in place already, then have a go at getting them setup.

Creating mini systems or 'automations' like these, where you're only spending a few minutes setting them up, can really give you peace of mind and your business a professional edge.

These are the kinds of systems we used in our past plumbing business - the more we could automate, the more efficient the business became and the more our customers were taken care of.  

And the biggie out of all of this - LESS STRESS, & LESS TIME SPENT ON THE BORING EYE ROLLING STUFF!!!

If you'd like the complete set of systems and 'automations' we used, then remember to check out the Smart Plumbers Toolbox and our other Services