The Best Way To Move Forward is to Let Go of the Things Holding You Back

It's time to remove Billy the Excavator from your supplier list.  Want to know why?

Kevin was on a job that needed an excavator, so he call's in Billy.... 

Billy does the job and then rushes off to his next job.  BUT Kevin needs to know what the excavation costs came too.  He want's to invoice his customer so he can get paid and get some money in his bank account.  He rings Billy, but Billy's flat out like a lizard drinking and hasn't had time to work out the costs or do up an invoice yet.  So Kevin waits, and waits, and waits.  Now Kevin's customer is getting annoyed because they haven't received an invoice yet..... and worse, the longer it takes to get an invoice to your customer, the higher the chance of them NOT PAYING IT.  Billy doesn't use a program for his invoices,  he writes them up by hand and pops them in the post when he can.  Or if Kevin hounds him enough, Billy takes a photo of the hand written invoice and texts it to Kevin.

Kevin's blood pressure is rising.....What's he to do? 

To please his customer, he could just make up the invoice with a guesstimate of what the excavator costs will be, but what if Billy's invoice is more - then he loses money - well THAT SUCKS!.  And why?  Not because of anything he's done, but because Billy is still living in the 'old world'. 

A world where people like to use paper and pen and fax machines and line up at the post office to pay bills. 

The problem for Kevin is that he doesn't live in that world anymore - he's moved on to the 21st Century, he lives in a world where customers want jobs done NOW and quotes left on the spot.  He lives in a world that no longer has time to wait for Billy the excavator......

Do you have a Billy that's holding you back?

The plumbing industry is in the midst of a technology and customer service revolution, and will continue doing so with an ever increasing speed.  We're living in exceptional times, not unlike the massive changes seen during the industrial revolution.  Your customers have more power than ever before and if you haven't implemented a system to keep your businesses running like clockwork while providing outstanding service, you may be closer to extinction than you think.

Gone are the days you can set up a plumbing business and run it the same way for decades.

I T ' S    N O T   G U N N A   H A P P E N!

Ask yourself......

  • Are you often waiting for invoices from your suppliers or subcontractors, so you can finish an invoice?
  • Do you have to prepare loads of paper folders and information every year to meet with your accountant at the end of every financial year?
  • Is your bookkeeper still working in an old version of MYOB or Quickbooks or some other irrelevant physical software and is telling you its saving you money?
  • Is your excavator, leak detection or pipe freezing service unable or unwilling to give you an accurate invoice before leaving site?

If you're facing one or more of the above challenges then your business is being held back by 'Billy', and it's serious...  

Not to mention that it's probably costing you a small fortune, and if you don't change, it's likely to cost you more and more every single week you keep putting up with it.  The longer your suppliers hold certain areas of your business back, the faster your business will be left in the dust of the movers and shakers in your industry. 

Why are you letting someone hold your business to ransom with slow information?

Why would you want slower invoice turn around at your end, which then leads to slow payment of invoices and ultimately a disastrous effect on your cashflow.........?

Your customers also feel the affect of Billy's world..... Let's look at it from their point of view:

  •  Your real estate property manager wants job details fast so she can give great service to her landlords and keep them happy with her service.
  • Your strata manager wants fast accurate information so he can do the same for his body corporate customers so they're happy with his service. the list goes on........your builder, facility manager etc etc etc.. they all have customers to keep happy just like you.

Look at it this way, if your customers can get faster, more accurate information from your competitor, and it makes their own work easier and keeps their customers happier with their service, why would they keep doing business with you?

The reality is, if you keep using suppliers and subcontractors who insist on operating in a bygone era, they're not only having a negative impact on your plumbing business, but they're also having a negative impact on your customers and their customers.....all the way down the line.

Do you really think your real estate agent, strata manager, builder, or anyone else is going to keep using your services. If another plumber can provide all the information the customer needs in REAL TIME! while your still going home to write and send invoices, quotes and reports?

By the time you get your quote in, your customer will have already received 3 quotes and accepted the winning one before they have even seen yours!

We live in an instant world, your customers are giving you the work instantly, and if you can't respond just as fast......then you're heading for extinction. The choice is yours.

The modern plumbing business has to be up to date, organised and efficient if you want to survive in the new economy.

If your suppliers can't keep up with you........Get new suppliers........Otherwise you may find your customers are using another plumber!

We talk more about the systems you need in both our One Man Band Workshops and The Profit Power Masterclass for the Jugglers.....