What Type of Plumber Are You?

Do you spend money to make money?


Do you spend as little as possible?

Now I'm not talking about spending your hard earned cash on every new shiny object that comes along..........

BUT.... by spending money in the right area's, it can actually save or make you much more than the money you spend.......

Time is our most precious commodity - you can't make more of it. 

But if you've ever said,...... when I have the time I'll do this,...... or when I have the money I'll do that.....then this Rant is for you....

Time management is really about your priorities, because let's face it, you can't manage time - it'll pass regardless.  

The stuff you actually get done, is the stuff you give priority to.  Knowing that, the only way to achieve what you want is to make the things that really matter your top priority.   

  • If you need more work, do some marketing..... NOW, not one day when I get time.  
  • If you have heaps of work but your cashflow sucks,  then stop getting behind in your invoicing, quotes, and chasing money. Get it done now!  
  • If your staff are handing in job cards like this: "Dunny was stuffed so smashed it out and replaced"..... then make the time to do them yourself or get help from someone else to fix them.

You might find you don't have enough time because you try to do everything yourself to save money.   Well.... you might think you're saving money .... but most of the time you're actually costing yourself more money than getting an expert to do it for you. 

Why would you do your own bookkeeping when you can pay a bookkeeper to do it in half the time?  Has it really cost you money?  I don't think so.... you've just gained hours back in your day that were spent on 'non-money-making' activities.  What do you do with those extra hours?  You go and do another job or 2. 

You've just spent money to make you money.....

What about this one..... you have a choice of 2 different software programs, one's cheaper than the other one.  The more expensive one has some you beaut automation thing that will see you cut down the hours you need to get your invoices out.... but the other one's cheaper.... Does the expensive one really cost you any more if it's cutting your workload down and enabling you to get back out in the field quicker?

Do you see where I'm going with this?

If you spend money on things that save you time or money then often it's not a cost. 

You're leveraging your own time, and you're getting more of the important money making stuff done.  There are only a few tasks that actually make you money, so the aim of the game is this: 

"Get all the stuff done (that doesn't make you money), in the least amount of time, with the least amount of YOUR effort and expense."

By doing everything yourself you're holding your business back - there's no successful plumbing company out there that didn't spend money to make money.  It's impossible to move forward and grow in your business without leveraging your time - and the only way you can do this is to spend money, whether it's on extra help, software, or tools - or a combination of all!!!!

Have a think about an area in your business that's a non money making activity - could someone or something (software) else do this for you?  Now think about you're own hourly rate (what you're time is worth) - could you pay someone, or something (software) less than that to get the job done? 

You'd be surprised about the help that's on hand these days - you just need to ask for it, pay for it, and free yourself up to go make more money.