How to get extra jobs by doing this one thing....

"Can you believe he told me he couldn't do a quote because he was 2 weeks behind in his paperwork?"  

This is the panicked phone call I got from my Mum on Monday.  Her air conditioning unit had blown up, rusted out, exploded (in my mum's words), and she'd been doing her usual of ringing around and organising her 10 quotes (yes she's one of those).

BUT to her horror the Air Conditioning companies she was ringing were either too busy to come and have a look, or the ones that did come out told her "oh, it's an ABC brand - we don't work on those", or "yeah, you'd have to replace the whole motor and inside unit and it's probably going to cost quite a bit".  There were only 2 who actually bothered to do the quotes - one because his mother-in-law was on the body corporate of the unit block and he was given a stern phone call from her, and one only after my mum had hassled him everyday for the last 4 days.  He was the one that had said he was 2 weeks behind in paperwork and couldn't do one - in the end he gave her a verbal over the phone probably just to stop her from ringing.

Here's the thing - as annoying as my Mum might have been, she was cashed up and ready to hand her money over - if only someone had:

  1. gotten back to her quickly with a quote and
  2. been nice to her and showed compassion and let her know he could solve her problems without any dramas.

How many of you assume something about a customer?


How many of you take more than 2 days to get a quote out?


Guys, you are throwing money away doing this.  There are so many tradies, not just plumbers, who don't do this well.  Yes, you might be busy but somehow you need to put something in place to handle doing quotes and then follow them up.  I can't tell you how many customers we would ring to follow up on a quote and we ended up getting the job purely because we were either a) the only plumber that had bothered to do one or b) the only plumber that had followed the customer up.

Here's how we handled quotes:

  • All of our plumbers had the ability and knowledge to do a quote on the spot - so quotes were delivered instantly to the customer. 
  • The Customer, whose details were entered into our Calendar database the minute the phone call came in, was flagged for a follow up phone call within 3 days. 
  • The follow up call was handled by a member of our Virtual team.

At no time did the customer ever feel like we didn't want the job or it was too much hassle for us. Because it wasn't.  

After all, without customers we don't have businesses.

If you're that busy that you can't do a quote or you're that under the pump because you're so far behind in your paperwork - then it's time to get rid of this headache.  It's time to put a 'system' in place - YEP it's the word we all go BORING over, but it's a word that can turn your business around and get you more work, happier customers, happier bank accounts and the flow on effect -

A happier you!