What's In a Name?

I've got a question for you - do you know why you called your plumbing business the name you did?

It fascinates me how many plumbers (and other tradies too) are calling themselves similar names! 

Before my best friend google entered all our lives, and it's enabler - the internet, it probably didn't really matter if you had a similar business name to someone in another region or state.


So why are so many tradies thinking they're really smart by changing up the spelling slightly or one little word (like 'the' or 'and') and grabbing that name they like.   But without giving a what-for to the other 50 similar names on the internet.

DO NOT REGISTER YOUR BUSINESS NAME without checking out google first.  

Google and the internet should be the first place you go to check out who else has a similar name to the one you like.  WHY? because that's where your customers are going.  That's where they type in the name they think they remember, and then without giving it any thought click on the first suggestion that Google throws at them.  

Do you think they're scrolling down the list looking at all the names that look the same and then hunting down the one that belongs to you?  Of course not - how are they to know that you're website ends in some obscure .org.au as opposed to .com.au or that your website has the words plumbingandgas in it and not plumbinganddrains.

When you choose a similar name to another business (and sometimes they can be completely different trades) you are confusing your customers. 

You are LOSING CUSTOMERS because they can't pick you out from all the other websites google is tempting them with.

This is why it's important to have a unique name, a name that no-one else has or is using - you need to do everything you can to stand out and be remembered in this very competitive market.

Steve was laughed out of the plumbing suppliers the first day he turned up with his fully branded truck, and uniforms - "what the hell kind of name is The Pied Plumber they said"?  

Well, it's a name that was different, unique and above all remembered!!!  It was a name that was easily recognisable on fridge real estate and eventually the internet - it's also a name that had a story behind it and because we told it to customers, again they remembered it! 

So, if you're choosing a name for the first time, or maybe you've already worked out there's too many businesses with similar names and you want to do a rebrand - then really give it some thought. 

Think about how you've come up with it, what's your story?  Don't worry about how silly, cheesy, corny or crazy it sounds - worry about how easy it is to remember!

After you have your list, here's what you do:

  1. do a google search on the names.  
  2. next is a GoDaddy domain name search
  3. finally, then you do an ASICS business name search

Once you know you can get the domain name and the business name, then register away.  And here's a tip for you - don't just register the .com.au version of your domain.  Register the .net.au and the .org.au - and even better, if you can get the .com - then grab that too! 

Why, because you've just put a block up in front of anyone else wanting to get a name similar to yours.......

Go and try it now - pretend you're a customer and do a google search for your business. 

How many other similar names come up?