Saving Your Way To Success

I get it.  Most people are advised to save money.  

TV shows bring on special guests to teach you how to save a few hundred dollars each year by scouring letterbox brochures and internet specials. Beat them at their own game they tell you. 

Hmmmm, that may be ok if you have a job with a set income every week......

But you don't.  You have a business! Not a job!

They're not the same.......

No-one saved themselves to success, it doesn't happen.

I'm going to use buying your 1st property as an example. How long do you think it would take you to save enough of your money to buy your 1st property?  For most people it would be impossible.  The goal post would keep moving - house prices in most areas will increase faster than you can save your money.  The only way to get into the market is to borrow the money, and invest in your future.

When the property market moves ahead, you make money in the property.  But you never would have made that money if you didn't invest.

It's no different in small business, if you invest in the right area, you make money!  

You didn't make any money in yourbusiness before you invested in a vehicle to get to the job, and bought the right tools to do that job.

Let's say you're a plumber doing general plumbing and you feel there's money to be made in clearing blocked sewers and stormwater drains.  But before you get paid for your 1st blocked drain job, you had to invest in the equipment to do the job?   You didn't "save your way" to making money on clearing blocked drains.  You financed the gear, put it on your vehicle and started doing blocked drains.

You are trying to save yourself to success if:

  • You run your business using free email and free software
  • You don't train your staff 
  • You track your techs in the field using a software app, instead of installing satellite tracking in the actual vehicle they drive
  • You use a basic invoicing program, and have someone do your bookwork from your bank statements instead of investing in an online current accounting program. 
  • You try to do every role in your business instead of gettinghelp with the stuff you're not as good at

I get it!  Most small businesses have a major problem with investing in themselves. You're just starting out on a shoestring budget, or you feel you aren't making enough money yet, or you'll do it when all the stars line up. 

If you want to look for a stack of reasons why you can't, why it won't work for you, why your business is different.... you'll always be able to find them. 

It's human nature to find a reason why not.  It's the fear of the unknown, and the feeling of safety in what you're currently doing.......even if it's not working and just a tad frustrating!

In my opinion, this is the number one reason most small business aren't anywhere near as successful as they could or should be.  They don't back themselves enough to invest in themselves and their business. Instead.........they'll often flounder in their own frustration and self pity, rather than leave their comfort zone and invest in themselves.

It really is all about you. 

It's your business - and the success or failure of your business is 100% your own.   You're in total control of, who you work for, what you charge, how you collect payment, what type of work you do.'re the one who had the dream to start your own show, you registered the business name, you got yourself to where you are today, and only you can invest to get yourself to where you want to be tomorrow!

If you want to Save........get a job.

You didn't start this business to make the same money you got paid in a job, but with more work, more stress and more risk.......   You started this business to be successful, to do more, to create more..., to give more, and to be more,.....

and as one of my mentors would say.........

If you want a successful business...... you're going to have to put your big boy pants on, and start getting stuff done!

IT'S YOURS..............YOU STARTED IT........   YOU OWN IT..............BACK YOURSELF!