Has this ever happened to you?

You did the job, you sent the invoice, the payment terms on your invoice came and went. They still haven't paid.

You ask yourself do you chase the customer for payment now?....or do you leave it for a few extra days, hoping the cheque is in the mail....so to speak!

Still no payment...so you decide to give them a call....

STEVE: "Hey Mrs Jones, it's Steve from Best Plumbing here, I'm just wondering if you can help me out?  Is the 'Bla Bla' we installed for you on the 21st of last month working ok? It is, oh that's great. I'm sure you've been busy, but I've noticed that your invoice for that job is a week overdue, and I was hoping you might help me sort it out?!?". 
Mrs Jones: "Oh yeahhh Steve, thanks for reminding me....I'vebeen meaning to call you about that......."

(You're thinking - yeah sure thing......you've had 5 weeks to call. but ok.)

Mrs Jones: "I was ok with it but when my husband got home he thought your bill was way too expensive and he wants a breakdown of all the labour and materials. He was speaking to a friend of his that used to be a plumber...(once upon a time... in a galaxy far... far ...away.)....and he said we've been charged too much for materials.  So hubby wants a breakdown of the exact material and labour of the job, because when he went to Bunnings they seem to have the same thing for much cheaper than you're charging us for.......and you get trade price don't you...? Hubby just wants to know how you can justify charging us that much for materials when we could have bought them for cheaper ourselves?"

Have you ever had this conversation with a customer?

How did you handle it?   Did they pay you the whole amount?

Would you like to know how I almost......completely solved this problem in my plumbing business?  Then put a post on the facebook site or send me a message...... :)