'The Cloud'. It's not white and fluffy, but it's still awesome and can save you $$$$

The savings and profit growth you can gain from evolving your business into cloud (or web) based paperless technologies can't be underestimated.  

The cloud is still in it's early days but it's making a big impact on how we run a business and our lives.  

For those unsure of what the ever elusive 'cloud' is let me explain it - let's take our mobile phones. In order to use our mobiles we have to connect with someone like Telstra or Optus or Vodafone - every time we use our phone we're effectively dialling into their network and their technology (i.e. switchboards, mobile towers, cables etc). 

So even though the phone is ours (and we need to take care of these ourselves) the software, network and technology for the phone call belongs to someone else, which they need to take care of.  Well the 'cloud' is similar.   You open your browser, i.e. Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari on either your computer, iPad or iPhone (note all of these are yours which you look after) and then you 'log in' over a network to someone else's program. 

This is what is affectionately known as 'The Cloud' - it's really just a big computer server, or several computers, somewhere in the world that you've connected to via the internet.  Instead of having software physically downloaded and stored on your computer, you're logging in to someone else's software on their computer.  That's it in simple terms but there are many great sites on google if you want to look into this further..... 

Anyway, the cloud is a great way to help future proof your business, while decluttering your life and allowing you to work from anywhere you choose.  

You no longer have to go back to the office to do the paperwork.   And speaking of paperwork, the cloud allows you to almost eliminate paperwork.   I say almost because there are still many businesses that you deal with that are intent on sending you paper invoices (we call these dinosaurs).  But why...when, it's a lot cheaper, easier and faster to email an invoice than it is to print it, put it in an envelope, put a stamp on it, and take it to the post box!

The type of cloud and paperless solutions for plumbers and tradies is growing every day.  And the type of cloud service that would be a best fit for your business depends on how you like to: 

  • run your business, 
  • the size of your business, 
  • and also where you would like to take your business in the future.

The bottom line is, even one man band plumbing operations now have access to the same type of latest technology programs as larger companies.   If you had someone show you how the cloud could make running your plumbing business so much easier and cheaper - you'd be blown away.  I've seen cloud based plumbing businesses save anywhere from a few thousand to 100's of thousands of dollars in under 12 months.

It's BIG and if you want to be an industry leader and not a follower you NEED to get in the cloud.  NO if's, NO but's...the future is here NOW....   And it's almost a case of evolve or die.   Compared to running the old style paper-based business it's so much easier. 

Is your business evolving or dying? The choice is yours!

If you have any questions or thoughts on how cloud programs can make you more money, or what programs are best suited to your business,  feel free to text or email your questions.