How can Rob fit golf in AND make more profit - when Joe can't?

Today we're continuing on our story of Joe and Rob. 

Why did Rob have it made.... and yet Joe was in over his head with paperwork and chasing his tail......

2. Rob.

Rob also has 1 apprentice and 1 tradesman, and they do mostly maintenance jobs for homeowners in their local area, and repairs and maintenance for 1 real estate agency and also a Strata Agency.  

The operation of his business:

a) Rob has a mobile that's not given out to his customers, and another phone number for incoming calls that's answered by his virtual receptionist. This works great for him as the receptionist is trained to handle the calls, book in jobs into an online program and pass on anything important to him by SMS or email.  That way he gets more work done and makes more money, he's never bothered at inappropriate times -(like when he is talking to an important customer about their job, or up to his elbows in shit...while in the middle of clearing that blocked sewer!) and there's a record of absolutely everything.

b) Notes and jobs are entered into his online app (which both he and the receptionist have access to).  The boys don't need to come to his place first up in the morning to give them their jobs for the day as they're sent out automatically each night from the online app that he uses. Rob's wife and neighbours have barely seen the boys that work for him.

c) If any other jobs come in for that day and the boys are available, either he or his receptionist can send the boys an immediate SMS with all the details.  He knows exactly when they arrive at the job because the GPS on their iPads and iPhones tells him.  Not only that but the customer can be notified by SMS when the boys are 15 mins away.

d) At the end of the day the boys go home as their paperwork is done online at the end of each job and Rob can log in at anytime to see this.  They can't forget to do it because the system will alert them if they have.  

e) He's able to send all invoices out that afternoon, or even directly whilst on the job.  As he accepts credit cards for payments, for those invoices that he's done up on the job, he's able to take payment straight away.... and for those that he does up at the end of the day and emails out, they have a "pay now" button on them to make it easy for his customers.  If on the odd occasion a customer is overdue, his accounting system is set to automatically send out reminders at set intervals so that he doesn't need to remember. He's also set up so that he gets notifications from his bank on his mobile anytime a payment is made - so he doesn't need to worry about constantly logging in to his online banking facility. 

f) His suppliers never ring him chasing up payment as once again, this is all handled pretty much automatically through his online accounting system.  And if ever he's not sure of what's left on his credit card, once again he just opens up an app on his mobile to check the balance.  He rarely even needs his bookkeeper these days, well maybe just for the end of month stuff and his BAS statements

g) The Real Estate agency has just rung asking him to breakdown the last invoice he did and saying that it's too expensive and he'll have to knock some off the price.  He's able to do a breakdown whilst he's sitting in his truck waiting for the next job by logging into the online system and making the changes.  It's definitely not too expensive and he has all the info to prove it - the suppliers invoices are on hand in his accounting package, and so too are the logged labour times for the boys. 

h) It's pay day, the boys don't need to do timesheets as their times are logged automatically when they start and finish jobs through the online system. The bookkeeper rings him to let him know that there was extra overtime this week and that they met their sales targets.  The pays go through and payslips are emailed to the boys. 

i) It's Saturday and his eldest daughters netball grand final's on and as organised, his tradesman is rostered on this Saturday and there's no way he'd ring in sick because he's paid so well to handle any callouts.  His daughter and wife are thrilled that he's able to attend most games and that he's around most nights - I mean after all, there's barely any paperwork to do after hours as most of it's all done automatically.  His business is running smoothly, like a machine, and he knows there's money in the bank account to cover any little mishaps.  He has time to play a round of golf or jump in the fishing boat once a week and he gets to see his family....... And also there's a family holiday booked in next month, which won't be a problem because his business is so systemised that between his Tradesman and virtual receptionist everything will run as it should.......

And so it goes on the same for the next week, and the week after, and the week after that.....

Oh...I almost forgot to tell you...Rob makes 3 times the average profit of other plumbing business the same size as his...and NO....he doesn't charge more than the other plumbers.

SystemsSteve Piper