Don't Rush Customer Service

It always amazes me the amount of money plumbers spend on trying to get a customer to call them... 

...but when they get to the job, they rush in, fix the problem and rush out again to the next job.  They're always rush, rush, rushing......why are you always in such a hurry?

Why are you always late? Are you booking in too many jobs each day? Do you not allow enough time to do each job? Is it because you think the more jobs you do the more money you make?  Or is it because the customer wants you out of the house as soon as possible?

Are there other reasons that I'm missing?

The truth is, all this rush, rush, rushing is bloody annoying to your customer!

Ever thought to ask your customer if they need anything else done whilst you're in their home?  Why not?  If you could save your customer some money by doing some extra work while you're there......would that not be good customer service?

Guess what - not only would it be good customer service, but you would also make MORE money! 

That's what I call a win win...happy client and a happy plumber.