What do your staff want?

The key to getting what you want may be as easy as finding out what they want.

Why?  Well.....  A happy team is a productive team.

All businesses go through ups and downs with finding and keeping the right people (that fit your business and culture), and maintaining a happy and productive workplace.

A bad culture will cause lower productivity and higher staff turnover.  Creating a good culture starts with matching the right people to the right job. 

When you get the people and the culture right your business will thrive.

But what do your plumbers want?  Well....generally, that depends on where they are at that point in time in their lives.   In a nutshell, if they're in a bit of a financial bind, or saving for a holiday, they're more likely to be motivated by money.   They'll generally be more open to doing overtime or taking advantage of incentive programs. 

The other key motivator is usually leisure time.  If your staff are not under any financial pressure than they'll generally value leisure time over financial gain.  For eg, if they have a new girlfriend, or are into their sports, health and fitness, then creating an incentive program that rewards in leisure time can work wonders for morale and productivity.

The moral of the story is to find out what your team desires most, and design an incentive program that is actually an incentive to your team and not just to you as the owner.

A  successful long term incentive program will see great improvements to team morale and productivity.  But beware, the reason most incentive programs don't work is because they were designed with productivity and profits as the primary motivator.  But if your team doesn't see it as a win for them, they won't be onboard and your incentive program will flop.  Involve your team, find out what drives them and go from there - and be prepared to tweak the program here and there if you run into hiccups.