It's a Numbers Game

Do you know your numbers?

You want your customers to keep your number don’t you?

Of course, ….  because next time they need a good plumber you want them to call you…...right? 

So… your customers have your number but do you have theirs? 

You may have been solving Mrs Jones's plumbing problems for a while now, or you may have done your 1st job for her today, but….do you know how Mrs Jones got your details to contact you?  Was it a business card, website, saw your truck in the street, was she recommended by a friend, from a real estate you work for, or maybe a newspaper ad, or is she an existing client?

  • Do you know how many times Mrs Jones has used your service?
  • Do you know what work you did on your last visit?
  • Do you know how much money Mrs Jones has spent with you?
  • Do you know this information for all your clients?
  • Do you think it may be handy to know this information?

If used properly, collecting this type of information and being able to access it when needed will put money in your bank account. Using a basic software program to do this will help you to:

  1. Know how your customers are finding you. 
  2. Save money from not spending on marketing that's not working, and
  3. Grow your business by putting the money you saved on 'non-working' marketing and spending it on the marketing that is! And this my friend will make your bank account happy :)

PS: It's been proved time and time again that unless you are accurately keeping track of these numbers, you're missing out on making more money…..and even better than that…… it will make you more money without doing any more jobs than you’re already doing. 

Why not try it tomorrow, it's easy, just ask every client who rings you, "Can I ask how you heard about us or found our number today?". 

Good luck, if you found this info handy I’d be grateful if you’d like or share it with a friend.

Ps  if you have any questions feel free to give me a shout.