How to Annoy A Customer

Ok, so you did the quote.....and congratulations, you got the job at Mrs Jones' house.  


It's booked in..... your guys turn up on time to get started. Mrs Jones is thinking to herself... great they're here and now I can get on with my day....   But then your guys start asking all these questions like..... "So which area are we working in today?...   What problems are we fixing?"...  And Mrs Jones is now thinking to herself......"I went through all this stuff with the guy who did the quote so I hope they know what they're doing?"

Then Mrs Jones gets another question like....."Are you sure we were supposed to do that part over there as well Mrs Jones?" ....... and when Mrs Jones says yes, she notices the contractors face - he looks like he doubts it and says that he needs to check with his boss.

Now Mrs Jones is starting to get a little bit annoyed because she is wondering why the guy who quoted the job originally, didn't give all the details to the guys doing the work. 

Long storey short, after a couple of phone calls and discussions with the guys on site it all got sorted and the job was finished as per the quote.

BUT that's not the point - the point is if the company doing the work had a proper predictable system for every job they did, then the guys doing the work would have the exact instructions on site, of what was included in the job. 

This would have eliminated frustration for the guys on site, the company and Mrs Jones. And it would have left a much better impression in Mrs Jones' mind.

A better impression in a customer's mind leads to more recommendations and referrals.....and that means more work and more money for the company.

Notice I said more money and not more profits!  Just because you may be doing more work, which in turn produces more money.....If you're services aren't priced correctly you won't see more profits!............Sounds strange but it's not.  Look up the pricing for profit article if you want more profit!

Steve PiperComment