The #1 Biggest Mistake Plumbers Make

Awesome,  finally you're a qualified, experienced plumber.  It's time to make more money and be the captain of your own ship.  You're tired of making your boss rich - you want your own business with all the money and toys that go with it!!!

Yep, you're ready to start your business, and you go out and buy drain clearing gear, a CCTV pipe camera, step ladders, etc - all the right tools and equipment you need to do your job. 

You've even got some people who'll give you work and it's all systems go!!!……

So why then do so many of us fail in setting up the most important thing in our business?

The #1 biggest problem that I see all the time is……… drum roll……not having the right charge out rate!

"Why do I need to know that, when I already know what the “going rate" is around here",  I hear you shout.     Yep…I hear you.

I did exactly the same thing when I started, as did the majority of plumbers.

You need to get this stuff right, so you don't find yourself making all the mistakes I made, simply because I didn't ask anyone for help when I should have.

Not to mention you could end up with a fantastic, profitable business in double speed time.  And you'll save yourself a heap of your hard earned coin, and be a standout business amongst your plumbing mates.

Do you know how much you need to make to get by each week?  Do you want to just get by? Or do you want to make a fair profit that reflects your years of training and experience?

Drop us a line if you need help working out your charge out rate.