Say what you do and do what you say....

One of the most common business mistakes I see regularly, is when a company's marketing gets me in...... but they don’t actually deliver what they say they will!

Yes, it's important to have good marketing material that your potential customers will respond to, BUT your marketing should be designed to grab the attention of the people you specialise in helping.  Whether you sell burgers or blocked drain clearing, you want to catch and keep your new customers, not catch them and lose them.  That's expensive.  You need to make sure your customer gets the exact outcome you promised them in your marketing.  And if at all possible, give them a little bit more than you promised so they really remember you, return to your business again, AND tell their friends how good you are!!  That's where the big bucks are!!

As a customer, there's nothing more annoying than being promised one thing and being delivered something that you thought would be much better.  If your marketing says that your plumbers are clean and tidy, make sure they are!  Don’t turn up to Mrs Jones' house at 7am in the morning after just rolling out of bed 15 minutes ago, unshaven, wearing a singlet, and looking like you slept on a park bench last night.  Practice what you preach!!! 

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