Who is behind Plumbing Profits?


Steve Piper and Penny Clements are the creators of:

  • The Segue Selling System
  • Easy Pricebooks for Plumbers
  • Yap About - an online customer review generating app
  • The One Man Band Workshop for Plumbers

......as well as other current and future training workshops for plumbers, and various other formulas, systems and training specifically for PLUMBING BUSINESS OWNERS.

With clients located in every State and Territory (accept Tasmania as I write this), from small towns to the big cities Plumbers around Australia are using Plumbing Profits. 

We are proud to have a few 5 star Google and Facebook reviews, and would love more.  But many of our clients seem to like to keep us a secret! HA HA ....so that's probably why you haven't heard about us through other plumbers.

Steve Piper

About Steve Piper

3 Reasons You Should NOT be here...  


Hi, I'm Steve Piper.

Ahhh the 'about' page,

It's funny.... we often look at the "about" page to check out who's behind the product or service we're looking into.

Often, we find nothing about the person or people who created the site, - just more about what products and services they have to sell you.  

Sometimes there's not even a photo of the business owner to be found anywhere.


Possibly even worse...you find a page full of stuff where the business owner is raving on about how good he/she is, listing all their achievements and basically trying to convince you that they're the best person in the world for you to buy stuff from.

So here's my 'about' - 

I'm 47.

I'm a licensed plumber, drainer, gasfitter and roofer.

I have a Wife, 2 kids and 1 rescue dog, and live on the Northern Beaches of Sydney, Australia.

I've been in the Plumbing Industry for 30 years and have done work for commercial, domestic, construction, maintenance, government agencies, strata and real estate customers. For about 20 of those years I ran my own Plumbing business called The Pied Plumber. (Which I sold, before starting this business)

You may also be wondering is this guy worth my time and attention?

For many readers my answer is probably NO.


If you're a plumber that thinks, you should be running the same old minimum hourly rate, and doing as many cash jobs as you can get away with.....  all while driving a crappy old van or ute and bragging that you've never spent a dime on advertising or that your overheads are 8 bucks an hour....

My stuff will probably be of absolutely no interest to you. 



If you don't believe that your customers and staff ARE the biggest assets your business has.... then you're not going to enjoy my stuff.

I don't sell systems and training that will leave your customers or your staff feeling ripped off.

I don't sell stuff that is designed to keep you in an expensive coaching program for as long as possible. I've been in some of those, and it sucks!

If you like 10 page proposals and signing contracts to join a program, then you'll be disappointed. 

I don't have contracts, you're as free as a bird to come and go as you please.

Pale Grey Background.jpg


If you're looking for a way to make money with no ethics or integrity... I can't and won't help you.

If you want to make more money but don't really care how it effects your customers and/or staff, and you don't want to spend any time learning and practising new skills.... then best you head off somewhere else.

Why? Because even though my stuff can easily double or even quadruple your profits... and in a much shorter time frame than you trying to learn all this yourself....   If you don't want to do the work, try, practice and improve.....you're really telling yourself, and me, that you're not 100% committed to having a successful business.  there is not much point.


You're still here? Good.

Here is what you can expect from me.

Sometimes I may offer Actionable strategies and tactics you can use in your plumbing business right now, and for free …

Which are usually followed by:

The blatant offering of products and/or services that I know will help you even more than the free stuff.

Let's be honest for a sec, I give something to you for free,  so that you might say:   "Hey that free stuff from Plumbing Profits really helped me out, I think I'll buy some of their other stuff."

The theory is, if I actually help you with something, you may want more of my stuff.

But I can assure you, I'll never spam you, or sell you a useless brick in a box..... or share any of your details with anyone else.

I haven't had to use this policy yet, but my policy is: "if you buy anything from me, and you aren't totally happy with the product or service you've paid for.... I'll give 100% of the purchase price back to you".  No fine print needed.  Sound fair?

Pale Grey Background.jpg

How do I know your stuff is any good, or if it actually works? 

Well, the smartest thing to do is probably grab some of my free stuff, check out the reviews from our customers, maybe even call one of them. 

To be honest...I wish I had even more reviews, but unfortunately a lot of plumbers like to keep our stuff a secret, because they don't want every other plumber in town having it too.  

And I get it and understand why they would feel that way. 

The thing is.... at the end of the day you can either have good competition or bad. 

Would you rather compete with someone on your own level, or someone who is going to undercut you on price every time, because they're totally uneducated in how to run a profitable business? 

People who buy my stuff aren't threatened by the cheapest guy in town, and don't need price shopping tight-ass customers.

So...... now is about the time I'm supposed to tell you how great I am and why you should listen to me....

....But unfortunately there isn't really all that much to it. 

I'm just a plumber who

  • started a business,
  • made plenty of mistakes,
  • looked for help in the plumbing industry,
  • couldn't find it,
  • bought lots of training, products, services, books and coaching from outside the plumbing industry, and
  • spent a few years adapting, changing and tweaking it until I had a formula that worked, and not just worked for me, but a formula that other plumbers are now also using and achieving great results with.

Some plumbers will buy my stuff, and some won't, and thats ok.

Thanks for taking your time to look at my site.


- Steve